Benefits of HireSmart

Candidates are pre-screened. Employers are eligible to receive wage reimbursements
Reimbursement increases to 640 hours at 75% for employers participating in the Registered Apprenticeship program.
Participating employers receive wage reimbursement of 50% up to 400 hours worked.

Contractor Commitment

To participate in the HireSmart program, ABC member contractors commit to the following:

  • Employ Smart trainees as a W-2 employee with no less than 30 hours of employment per week
  • Pay SMART trainees a minimum of $15/hour ($15 to $17 is preferred)
  • Send trainees through the Hire Smart program which includes NCCER Core, OSHA, first aid/CPR, lift training, and other courses

HireSmart Candidates

Candidate Sourcing
  • ABC outreach programs (high school, post secondary, and public) and committees
  • Referrals from ABC members, and partnerships (with the public workforce system and Veteran Service Organizations)
Candidates pre-screened based on:
  • Employer requirements
  • Program eligibility and initial suitability.

How to Participate

Additional details apply. Complete the form below to learn more and to be placed on the HireSMART Employer Partner Interest list. Program partners will receive additional details and the next steps to become enrolled as a HireSMART Employer Partner. All accepted employers will need to fill out the Employer Forms